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Handle your SPAM/ARF Complaints

Unsubscribe Date

How do I export a list of people based on their unsubscribe date?

I know how to export anyone who has unsubscribed, but if I want to run it across all list of people who unsubscribed today, how do I do that?

Also, if someone clicks the unsubscribe link yesterday and today, which date will show in the system?

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fbl processor NOT working on fbl's sent from

i'm using Interspire Email Marketer along with and have configured to forward the fbl's to a specific email address.
when i configure the fbl addon process the fbl's in that mail box it will scan all the messages and then say 0 processed.

is there a reason why this fbl addon wont process fbl's that are forwarded from

this also doesn't make sense to me because i have tried the 'normal' method along with ...
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Enable Disable automatic Suppression List


With our new FBL processor version is possible add the complaints directly to your Global Suppression List.

open: addons/fbl/config/config.php

Code: Select all
define("FBL_PROCESS_MAIL",2000);  //The addon will process 2000 mails per connection

Feeback Loops Processor Loggin

define("FBL_LOG_FILE",ADDON_GLOBAL_BACKUP_DIRECTORY."/fbl-log.txt"); # Normally: /path/to/Interspire Email Marketer/


define("FBL_ADD_TO_SUPPRESSION",false); <-- set to true

Thats all, cheers.

connection closed.
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Addon Usage


This is a quick reminder about the Feedback Loops Addon usage:

  1. Upload the Addon
  2. Install the Addon
  3. Register your IP's in major ISP's or request the IPs registration
  4. Add your Abuse Mailbox in the Feedback Loop Addon: Contact Lists > Feedback Loops
  5. Set the FBL Cron Jobs

Thats all.

connection closed.
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Cron Jobs for Feedback Loops


The next CRON jobs is mandatory to process the Feedback Loops.

If you are using WHM/Cpanel
Code: Select all
0 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /path/to/interspire/admin/addons/fbl/api/process.php 100000

If you are using common Linux Server
Code: Select all
0 * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/interspire/admin/addons/fbl/api/process.php 100000

Both CRON jobs means: The task will be executed each 1 hour.

connection closed.
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FBL Configuration


I have a question about the FBL configuration.
When adding a FBL mail; What is the difference between: Feedback Loop Type - Normal, Email and Unsubscribe Link ???

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Feedback Loops


I have installed Feedback Loops addon on my Interspire Email Marketer installation successfully.

I can see Feedback Loops under Contacts Dropdown menu of Interspire Email Marketer

When I click on Feedback Loops then it takes me to new page with a Link "Add FBL Mail"

Clicking on Add FBL Mail takes me to following

* FBL Name:
* FBL Email Server Name:
* FBL Email User Name:
* FBL Email Password:
* FBL Email Server Port: 143
Feedback ...
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ISP's supported by FBL Processor


* Bluetie/Excite
* Comcast
* Cox
* Earthlink (email only): fblrequest at
* Fastmail
* Hotmail
* OpenSRS/Tucows
* Outblaze ( email ONLY: postmaster at
* Rackspace (formerly Mailtrust)
* RoadRunner/Time Warner Cable
* Synacor
* Terra
* United Online/Juno/Netzero
* Yahoo! (requires DomainKeys or DKIM)
* Manual ARF Complaint ...
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