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Error Installing Addon

I tried to install an addon and I get the error below.

Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/home/housing/public_html/em/admin/com/lib/MTF.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php56/lib/php') in /home/housing/public_html/em/admin/com/init.php on line 56

It doesn't matter which addon as it does this with all of them.

Any ideas? I do not have MTF.php with any of my Interspire Email Marketer installs.

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Wilmer Adalid / Maborak,

Are you even bothered to have new customers and reply them back? Our trial provided by you is also expired earlier but still there is no reply from your side on the problems.

But there is a problem: Not Administrator, User's Default Mail-From is not being used because when we add details of SMTP Accounts in MTA so those get in use. And if this Add-on works like ...
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New Addons for 2015

Hey Maborak.

What do you have planned for Interspire Email Marketer for 2015? As more and more people are moving to Sendy from Interspire Email Marketer, it will be good to know that us users will still have great developers building tools for the year to come.

Can you provide an update?

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Interspire Email Marketer on cpanel/webmin/else


What is the recommended server software to make Interspire Email Marketer work ideally?



other OS+no control panel

any other suggestions?

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Where is the Interspire Base folder


In simple words, is the folder where the Interspire files is located.

For example:

If your Interspire URL is:

Then, your interspire base folder will be

Code: Select all


Code: Select all

In this folder is located some important files like: .htaccess to add special directives to the installation.

connection closed.
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Modify Header to Increase Inbox Rate

Lately I have heard several sites that mention the popularity of Interspire by 'spammers' has caused many others of us to have our messages blocked due to footprints in the header and email that causes ISP's to know that it was sent with Interpsire (and assumed to be spam).

Has anyone revised their Interspire headers to increase their inbox rate?

Even if you do not want to share your change, just mentioning that you have ...
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Restore deleted email campaigns

Unable to post in requests, so sorry if this is the wrong board.

Anyway, I deleted an email campaign in progress, and need a way to restore it.

Using interspire version 6.1.3

Any addons/ quick tips on restoring it would be greatly appreciated.

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Advanced Segmentation


I would post in the Requests forum but it wont let me for some reason.

Can you create a new addon for Advanced Segmentation, i want to segment data like the following:

Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign1
Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign2
Email Address - Has Opened - Email Campaign3
Email Address - Has Not Opened - Email Campaign4

So if someone has opened any ...
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Addon security

These addons offer fantastic functionality but the code is obscured so it's impossible to be sure they are safe to install.

Is there any way to audit the code? Has there been a third party security audit?
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Tip: How to get the JOBID


- Go to: Email Campaigns > Scheduled Email Campaigns
- Mouse over in: Resume/Pause or Delete campaign
- You will receive something like:

- In the example the jobID is: 606

connection closed.
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