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Geo Tracking for Email Campaigns

Can you geographically track email addresses

Hey guys!!
i love the addons... was wondering if I can use this addon to track every email I send a newsletter to... Here is what I want to do... I want to archive the email addresses that open from a non US address more than twice as US emails is what really interest me.
Let me know..
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Geo Stats Give the same info on all IPs

I have client to ask me look at his GEO Stats....

It looks like it install right and runs but all they get in the stats is UK

I check the Database and seem be install right..

Suggest on what to do for the customer?

Processing Email Opens:
CACHE: - 1366161408 - 1366161663 - UK - UNITED KINGDOM - ENGLAND - BOURNEMOUTH"

CACHE: - 1366161408 - 1366161663 - UK - ...
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geo-loc bak

How many geo-loc bak files of 436mb does one need in the path
Interspire Email Marketer\admin\addons\geostats\install\backup\

Do they come to exist if one disables geostats and then reenables them or why does the system create them?

If one wants to delete some of them, does it matter which to keep, perhaps the latest (they are all same size and content (bit compared))?
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extra dbf for geo-loc

I think it would be the best to have a separate database for the geo-loc plugin as it is hundreds of MB big.
Can this be done already or does it need a new version of that plugin?
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Exporting Timeline


What period of time does this feature cover?

Does this feature only show the last week, day, month, year?

For instance, every month or every 3-months I want to export Geo-Location stats, import it into my external database (so that I have a state associated with the email), and then send targeted emails based on their State (for US).

Is there an issue with getting bad data with people who open their email on ...
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[HOWTO] Change the export options


The way to change the STRING SEPARATOR in the Exports is:

  1. open: admin/addons/geostats/config/config.php
  2. Code: Select all
    ini_set('display_errors', 1);
    ini_set('memory_limit', '500M');
    ini_set('max_execution_time', '9000');

    in the line:
    Code: Select all
    you can change the value for example to: ';'

Thats all

connection closed.
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Open Stats

Are open stats including even people opening the massage and marking it as spam?
same question for click stats.

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Cron Jobs for Geo-Location Tracking Statistics


The next CRON JOB is necessary to process the Geo-Location.

Code: Select all
php /path/to/your/Interspire Email Marketer/admin/addons/geostats/api/process.php 1000000

Dont use the option: "-f" in the PHP command.

connection closed.
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