Addon Request - Will Pay

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Addon Request - Will Pay

Postby sendmedia » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:43 am


You might remember me speaking to you over Skype regarding an addon i want making and im willing to pay for it to be made.

I want it so you can enable a setting on each MTA Group call Pre-Warm.

What i want Pre-Warm to do is to warm the IPs up by limiting the number of email that can be sent each day on each MTA within that group, so for example in the settings page you can set how many emails to be sent from each MTA on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc...

Day1 = 500
Day2 = 600
Day3 = 750
Day4 = 1000
Day5 = 1100
Day6 = 1250
Day7 = 1500
Day8 = 2000
Day9 = 2500
and so on....

So lets say im going to send an email out to 100,000 people to a MTA Group that has 5 MTAs within the group. When it starts sending it will send a total of 2500 emails (500 on each MTA) and then the campaign will stop sending till its the next day. When its been 24hrs it will continue to send but this time it will send a total of 3000 emails (600 on each MTA) and then the campaign will pause again. It will keep doing this till the campaign has finished sending.

On the settings bit of entering the number of emails to send on each Day/MTA i want it to go all the way to Day 30 and then another one saying 31Days+ which will mean on the 31st day and anything after it will send to the limit enter on that one.

Do you understand what i mean and what i need?

Can you give me a price for this addon too?
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Re: Addon Request - Will Pay

Postby PCEMS » Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:01 am

You do that with PowerMTA. If you have it I'm sure Maborak can help you out.

Although it would be a great addon for all those no-commercial MTAs that are too complex or not possible to build a warming procedures.
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