Why can't we use campaigns from/reply/bounce in MultiMta

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Why can't we use campaigns from/reply/bounce in MultiMta

Postby Andrew » Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:01 am

It's annoying that I have to hard code the from/reply/bounce address for each mta - when what I would like is the ability to match the @[domain] part - the same way that the Spins uses the mta domain to mark up links/msgid/etc.

I need campaigns to have a mail-from and bounce that's unique per campaign - but since I will use the same mta to send multiple campaigns, editing those details in the mtamanager each time is a pain - and spinning doesn't help - since I need just the opposite - I need the campaign's date for from/reply/bounce to be used w/ the mta domain. I'm sure this is relatively simple from someone as clever as Maborak.

Am I using it wrong maybe ? It seems illogical it doesn't do this.

Do the rest of you send from fixed from/reply/bounces per ip ?

I'd have no delivery if I did.
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Re: Why can't we use campaigns from/reply/bounce in MultiMta

Postby MaBoRaK » Thu May 21, 2015 10:22 pm


You can play enabling/disabling: "Use [from/reply/bounce]" in the Email Campaign step:


In your case I think is better if you disable: "Use MTA Mail-From" so, you will be able to use your own mail from in the "Mail From" field, and still matching with the Links with Spinning addon.

connection closed.
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